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Hebron has gone through many rulers and kings throughout history, but it has always been a holy city for the Jewish people. In medieval times it was counted as one of the four holy cities along with Tzfat, Tiberias, and Jerusalem. Each of these holy cities is connected to one of the four elements: Tzfat – wind, Tiberias – water, Jerusalem – fire and Hebron – Earth. We all have these elements in our soul and we need to find the balance within ourselves between all of these forces. Each of the elements, according to the alter rebbe in his book the Tanya, has a good side and a bad side. when you are too extreme with fire you burn but fire is also light and warmth, when you are too extreme with water there can be a flood but water is life and vigor. Earth, symbolizing Hebron, is on the one hand rootedness and sturdiness but the earth can also lead to heaviness and sadness, death. So, we should all find our balance within ourselves, but if you want to feel the energy and you need external strengthening, come to the holy cities, come to Hebron.

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The Holy City of Hebron
The Holy City of Hebron
The Holy City of Hebron
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