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Baruch Nachshon.

Symbolic Surrealistic Visionary Artist


Many of those who view my works see in them a deep expression of prayer. The proper definition of the Hebrew word for prayer is: “connection, expression of the desires of the spirit of man as created being drawn to connect with his Creator.” King David wrote in his book of Psalms the expression “for I am a prayer,” as if to say that all that defines me as a person is the imperative to connect heaven and earth.

Holy Land

The Torah recognizes the special sanctity of the Holy Land by stating that The Holy One Blessed is He bestows particular attention upon the Holy Land and in this vein it is written that “the gaze of Hashem your God is always fixed upon it, from the beginning of the year until the end of the year.” Within the Holy Land are found the Holy Cities, and chief among these is the chosen City, Yerushalayim which in its name and in its very essence represents peace (שלום) and perfection (שלמות). 


When David the shepherd completed his daily endeavors on the outskirts of the desert in Bethlehem he lay himself down upon the ground, opened his eyes and gazed upon the infinite hosts of the heavens. He was moved to the depths of his being and said: “how vast is your creation Hashem.” As I read the Psalms of David the King I am stirred to express with my brush and my paint some tiny kernel of his transcendent wonder and to give praise to the One who Created all, striving to unite with Him- with His greatness and the wonder of it all.


A Journey Between Worlds

The Hebrew word for world is Olam (עולם) which comes from the same linguistic root as concealment or disappearance from sight (העלמה). The world was created in such a manner that it has hidden within itself many profound secrets- the reflection of the unique light, the infinite wisdom of its Creator. However, because this light is so incredibly vast in its brightness and its power, the Creater fashioned many lenses to refract and diminish it until it could be borne by mortal senses and encompassed by the human mind. The transmission of the light to the plane of human consciousness from its origin in the Infinite Light which is the source of all light is by a path traversing four worlds (עולמות) – four distinct planes of consciousness, four stages of concealment (העלמות) and obfuscation.

However, inasmuch as light is always bound with and connected back to its source, so too is this emanation of light from the infinite, and it is possible by following the connection to break through all of the barriers and to reach directly into the Infinite…


Baruch Nachshon

Baruch Nachshon was born in Haifa in 1939, He studied art at the studio of Shlomo Nernai, and at the School of Visual Arts in New York, thanks to a scholarship from the Lubavitcher Rebbe. In 1989 Mr. Nachshon was recognized as an outstanding artist by Bar Illan Bold colors and amazing detail, leaves the viewer with a rich visual experience. Jewish history and holydays are spread before us in full glory on canvas and acrylic. The images and artistic design of his work, offer a spiritual dimension that integrates a festival of Light and color. Mr. Nachshon’s works have been exhibition around the world’ in USA, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Australia, Hong Kong. Mr. Nachshon creates his art in his studio in Kiryat-Arba, Near Hebron.

The Artist’s Prayer

I express my gratitude to you, artisan of creation, for you have endowed me with the spirit of your holy inspiration. I beseech you- in your vast kindness- impart to me more and more of your holy inspiration so that I may rejoice in you, and give cause for rejoicing to your creations. Give me inspiration to reveal your presence, even in the darkest places, because everything is from you and before your presence all darkness is also light. You created your universe, and within it crafted all of your creatures so that they would come to acknowledge you. And so- this, indeed is all I ask- kindness! For there is nothing else, no words in our mouths sufficient to thank you for having created us, having made us your children- the Children of Israel- and having brought us close to you in order to serve you. You have drawn forth our spirit and illuminated all- Well of Life. -Baruch Nachshon, Hebron, 5775

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