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Nachshon’s art covers a wide range of thematic material through equally diverse stylistic approaches, all of which are uniquely his own. He paints in order to define and to emphasize the presence of the active Divine Will in creation, and in order to inspire himself and others. Nachshon paints what he sees through the eyes of an inspired painter, communicating those visions to the world. Each of his paintings can be studied in the manner of a sacred text, providing numerous and vivid insights into the workings of creation and the promises held for the future. Many of his paintings describe visions of the future, of the world after its final redemption, of a world where all is peace and joy and where the revelation of divine beneficence is clear to all. Until that time, Nachshon’s paintings offer a glimpse of what could be, of what ought to be and of what will be when the work of humanity has reached its successful completion

“Many generations already have passed, but the muse of painting in spiritual health has never attained its proper form – you will rectify this.” The Rebbe’s final remarks to me were the following: “You have succeeded in representing the Jewish soul. You must understand that the body of the Jew, which has been chosen by the Almighty to perform His will, is sacred as well. For this reason you must begin to paint depictions of The Literal Meaning of our Sacred Texts.”The Lubavitch Rebbe.

Psalms – Tehillim

A masterpiece from the Koren publishing house in cooperation with the artist Baruch Nachshon and Rabbi Adin Even Israel Created a book of Psalms with finches and paintings that illustrate the chapters of the Psalms in an amazing way.
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The Artist’s Prayer:

‘I express my gratitude to you, artisan of creation, for you have endowed me with the spirit of your holy inspiration. I beseech you- in your vast kindness- impart to me more and more of your holy inspiration so that I may rejoice in you, and give cause for rejoicing to your creations. Give me the inspiration to reveal your presence, even in the darkest places, because everything is from you and before your presence all darkness is also light. You created your universe, and within it crafted all of your creatures so that they would come to acknowledge you. And so- this, indeed is all I ask- kindness! For there is nothing else, no words in our mouths sufficient to thank you for having created us, having made us your children- the Children of Israel- and having brought us close to you in order to serve you. You have drawn forth our spirit and illuminated all- Well of Life’. -Baruch Nachshon, Hebron, 5764



“Many generations already have passed, but the muse of painting in spiritual health has never attained its proper form – you will rectify this.”  The Lubavitch Rebbe.
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