Baruch-Nachshon Art Portfolio-Archive

After five decades of creation and twenty years of documentation, we are pleased to present to you today the unique collection of works by the artist Baruch Nachshon from the days of his youth until these days. We would love to hear what you feel from this archive.


My use of symbolism has developed over time. I slowly came to appreciate that I was making repeated use of symbolic elements as a poet plays with new turns of phrase. One can find in my work frequent groupings of seven or eighteen (numerologically representative of life (or chai) in Hebrew) and twenty-six (corresponding to an important Divine Name). Drops of dew are conspicuous, as are tongues of flame, the Holy Temple, the City of Jerusalem, winged candles, tefillin and tzitzit. Also angels’ wings, ladders, musical instruments and – broadly speaking- connections between heaven and earth.

Baruch Nachshon