“I paint, rather, under the influence of the Highest Providence..”

Baruch Nachshon

Symbolic Surrealistic Visionary Artist


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The Yud Sometimes you just dont have inspiration. Your mind is blocked and you have no idea what to do, or in the case of an artist what to paint. This was how Baruch Nachshon felt in the year 1994. In his desperation, Baruch went to a rabbi for advice. The advice he got was to go pray at the cave of the patriarchs and matriarchs for 40 days saying the entire Book of Psalms every day. with no other option, Baruch started this mission. On the last day, he suddenly had a vision where he saw this painting. The four frames around the Hebrew letter “Yud” which is also the first letter in god’s Name, are by the kabbalistic approach 4 worlds that are inside each other elevating us higher and higher. the first world is the world of doing, the second world is the world of formation the third is the world of creation and the fourth is the world of emanation. The inner point of all the worlds is the heavenly presence symbolized here by the yud . The letter ‘Yud’ according to kabbalah symbolizes “chochma” (wisdom) [which is the first of the ten ‘sephirot’ – is it?] and represented the initial thought of an idea and development of ideas in the world, so if you are stuck and don’t have inspiration you can always be inspired from King David and the book of psalms but you can also meditate looking at the Yud and getting inspiration for a new idea to spread in the world.

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