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I have been interviewing gallery owners, museum directors, art media people and actors, asking them to project the art of the next decade. One of the major trends projected is the spiritual dimension of future art. Nachshon reaches into the future because he is sure-footed in the land, thought and action of his forefathers”.

     Prof. M alxanderg, Chairman, Art Dept, Pratt institute.

Guard the idea, before it passes and is gone
Draw it in schematic lines
Cut the canvas, establish the margins
Gaze on the empty page, see everything in it
Begin the work in the heart,
Feel the dimensions, the proportions
Preserve the perspective, envision the end of the work which is primary in thought
Begin from the first point, which is requesting benediction and mercy
then follow the internal command which guides the brushes of the hand by means of the motive force, put every item in its proper place put on the first dabs of paint

Build harmony, rhythm, music
put the soul in the material, behold creation as it comes into being
Something out of nothing enduring the pain of the knowledge of nothingness

When yet there is everything but nothing
there is no breath of life To feel nothingness and beseech mercy to receive salvation, to finish, to give thanks!

To gaze deep into the recesses of the new creation
into a new world which, this very instant, has been revealed

To behold the wonder of the visitors to remain bowed in humility, grateful that all has come about by the grace of the Almighty.

An excerpt from my journal, written about 20 years ago

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