“I paint, rather, under the influence of the Highest Providence..”

Baruch Nachshon

Symbolic Surrealistic Visionary Artist

About the Art

Baruch Nachshon lives with his family near Hebron, the ancient city set amidst the Judean hills and desert where King David composed most of his psalms and Adam and Eve are reputedly buried. Nachshon’s studio is near the hallowed Cave of Machpelah.

One of the most important contemporary Jewish artists, he studied art with Solomon Naroni, Paul Cezanne’s only student, whom he still considers his “master”, and from whom he learned “a holy approach to art.” He became attracted to the vibrant world of Chassidism in his teens. Both the bittersweet music and the exalted mystical concepts of its Kabbalah- based philosophy burned deep into his searching soul.